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Plastic Remnants Find New Life in Guitar Picks

Purple Plectrums

While Frank Naworal, aka Tad Naw, is a programmer by day and a super busy single dad by night, he has several hobbies. His hobbies include woodworking, building aquariums, and playing the guitar. His passion lies in the art of building things. 

Due to a sports injury, he needed to find a better way to play his guitar. He found that a regular pick was too hard to hold. With his woodworking capabilities, he started researching and experimenting with plastics he could machine. When experimenting, he also wanted the ability to hand craft into something a little more substantial to hold on to.

Today, his hobbies and passion have taken him to his side business called Purple Plectrums. Purple Plectrums is the one stop shop where you can buy custom picks, aka plectrums!

His website,, says he creates artisan crafted precision guitar picks, using the highest-grade materials with outstanding wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, and a custom manufacturing process that results in a smooth, soft, velvety feel that is a pleasure to hold.  The custom-designed shapes have been refined over years of collaboration with guitarists to provide greater control and comfort, allowing you to keep a more relaxed hand while playing.  Purple Plectrums have great acoustical properties that generate a warmer tone with greater resonance and less pick noise.  They yield to the strings more easily, providing a smoother playing experience that you’ll love.

He found materials such as: High Density Polyethylene, PTFE, Ultem, Tivar, Ceram P UHMW from our on-line store,  Cope launched our on-line store to sell remnants of stock shapes created from our manufacturing process.  Our goal with this site was to reach customer audiences, specifically those who are seeking small pieces of material for crafts, maintenance, home projects, etc.  A perfect example of our target customer is Purple Plectrums!  He enjoys shopping at our on-line store, because he can shop various types of materials and buy small pieces.  He also appreciates the conversations with our knowledgeable sales engineers about plastics and their properties, which has helped him with creating his plectrums.

Cope is thrilled to have a customer that is passionate about helping those who are encumbered with their hands to play musical instruments. He is continually experimenting to make the best guitar picks out there!


For more information on Purple Plectrums visit his website at and check him out on Facebook at


To shop plastic remnants, visit Cope Plastics online store at