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NEW! Cope Plastics Customer Recycling Program

Less waste is more money when you're going green!

Cope Plastics is proud to announce a new and improved "Customer Recycling Program" in order to support our goal of keeping plastics out of landfills, to help support your social responsibility goals, and provide another value added service for you. The goal of this program is to be a mutually beneficial recycling program that will ultimately make a difference in the future of plastics! Together we can disable the negative image of our industry as "irresponsible".

How this program benefits you:
-Provides a socially responsible partner to fill your needs
-Helps you develop and establish your "green" initiatives
-Helps alleviate social and governmental pressures to be more "green"
-Provides tracking and reporting of your recycling successes
-Provides supplies and expertise to help eliminate barriers to success
-Participation earns you rebates in the form of Cope credits.

Contact your Cope Plastics representative to go green today! We look forward to working with you to make this a program a success!


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