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Benefits At A Glance



Paychecks are distributed bi-weekly on Fridays for all employees. Hourly workers are paid for all hours worked through the previous Saturday; salaried workers are paid through the Payday Friday.

Work week is 40 hours, Sunday to Saturday. Any hours worked over 40 will be paid as overtime at one and one half times the standard hourly rate.

Merit Increases
Employees are granted merit increases based on performance appraised by their immediate supervisor with review by the second level of supervision. Performance reviews are conducted at least annually.

Bonus Eligibility
Only regular full-time employees with at least (6) months of continuous service are eligible to participate in company bonus programs, and must be actively employed at the time bonuses are calculated in order to receive payment.


All vacation is earned and use in the same calendar year. Employees must have (6) months of continuous service in order to use their vacation.

All regular employees on the company payroll the week of the holiday will receive (8) hours holiday pay for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, Your Birthday

Personal Days
Every full-time employee will receive 24 hours of personal time per year, to be awarded January 1 of each year, and may be accumulated each year with a maximum accumulation of 80 hours. Personal time may be taken in (4) hour increments.

Bereavement Leave
Employees who wish to take time off due to the death of a family member should notify their supervisor immediately. Up to (3) days of paid bereavement leave will be provided due to the death of immediate family members. Up to (2) days of paid bereavement leave will be provided due to the death of extended family members.


Military Leave
A military leave of absence will be granted to employees who are absent from work because of service in the U.S. uniformed services. Advance notice of military leave is required, unless military necessity prevents such notice or it is otherwise impossible. The leave will be unpaid, however, employees may use any available paid time off for the absence.

School Visitation Leave
Employees may take unpaid leave of up to total of (8) hours during any school year to attend school conferences or classroom related activities related to the employee's child. No more than (4) hours may be taken on any given day.



Medical / Dental / Prescription

Effective date of coverage is the first of the month following 30 days from the hire date. Enrolling beyond the effective date with require a qualifying event and evidence of insurability. Medical coverage is offered through Cope Plastics Health Plan. Dental insurance is offered through Delta Dental of Illinois. Prescription coverage is offered through CVS Caremark Pharmacies.

Life Insurance
Active regular employees not paid on per-mile bases are eligible for Life Insurance (6) months after their date of hire.

Flexible Spending Account - Beneflex


Full time employees with (6) months of service and 21 years of age or more are eligible to enroll during enrollment periods on January 1 and June 1. When eligible, employees will be automatically enrolled at a contribution rate equal to 6% of their gross earning. You may choose to change this contribution at any time; you may contribute between 1% and 15% of your gross earnings to the 401(k) plan.


Short Term
Short Term Disability is offered at no cost to the employee and paid for 100% by the company. The maximum benefit period is (13) weeks. Benefits begin 1st day for an accident or 8th day for sickness.

Long Term
Long-term disability insurance is available to employees at the employee's expense. Open enrollment in this plan is only available during the first 30 days of your employment. Long-term disability insurance will pay 60% of your monthly earnings if you should become permanently disabled.


Job Postings
Cope Plastics provides employees an opportunity to indicate their interest in open positions and advance within the organization according to their skills and experience. In general, notices of all regular, full-time job openings are posted, although Cope Plastics reserves its discretionary right not to post a particular opening. In most cases, job openings will be posted on the employee bulletin board and normally remain open for 5 days.

You and your immediate family are eligible for discounts on company products.

Tuition Reimbursement
Cope Plastics, at management's discretion, will provide financial assistance in the form of reimbursement for continuing education to employees. Classes must be taken at an accredited community, state or private college or university. Employment must be for a minimum of one consecutive year and the Tuition Reimbursement Certification form must be completed and approved by the HR Department before the start of the class.