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Fabrication Equipment

Cope Plastics is able to operate quickly and efficiently due largely to our extensive line of fabrication equipment we have on hand at our 17 locations in the United States.

Our large scale Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment has the capacity to customize virtually any order. Access to modern CNC equipment allows us to create revolutionary designs for our customers and gives us the ability to mass produce orders.

Additionally, our skilled technicians receive ongoing training on our CNC equipment so they are always updated on the latest processes and advancements in the industry. We are always making additions to our fabrication equipment inventory so we can continue to deliver reliable and consistent products for our customers.

Cope Plastics CNC Panel Saw Cope Plastics CNC Vertical Mill
CNC Panel Saws CNC Vertical Mills
Cope Plastics CNC Routers Cope Plastics CNC Horizontal Mills
CNC Routers CNC Horizontal Mills
Cope Plastics CNC Turning Center

Cope Plastics CNC Lathe

CNC Turning Center

CNC Lathe

Cope Plastics Other Equipment

 GX Laser Small

Other Equipment

Vytek GX Laser