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Engineered by Cope Plastics. Fabricated with a solid construction that will last through cut after cut.

Optimize your results for straight or abrasive waterjet cutting applications

Increase accuracy and provide stability for your metal, stone, plastic, foam, and composite parts during the waterjet cutting process with Cope’s quality waterjet bricks. Using solid construction of high-quality polypropylene corrugated sheets, our waterjet bricks are also cost effective and recyclable.

Our Waterjet Bricks Specifications

Engineered for Performance and Quality Results

Whether you’re cutting metal, stone, plastic, foam, or composites, our waterjet bricks are designed to enhance the accuracy and finish quality of your final product...in addition to increasing efficiency in your waterjet cutting process.

Superior Part Retention
Waterjet bricks provide support for your parts during cutting. Ours are designed with a tight construction to prevent your parts from moving or falling into the waterjet tank.

Lightweight and Quiet
Make your operators’ jobs a little easier! These waterjet bricks are lightweight and help reduce noise in the workspace.

Better Quality Parts
Hold tighter tolerances by preventing part movement during cutting. Also, the fluted design of our bricks minimizes splashback and drains water and debris away from your parts. This helps prevent film deposits on the underside of your parts, making for a cleaner finish.

Durable & Sustainable
Made from robust polypropylene, Waterjet Bricks Engineered by Cope Plastics will provide you cost effective performance. In addition, they are 100% recyclable—so they won’t wind up in a landfill or the ocean.

Advantages of Waterjet Bricks

Reduce Splashback

Easily Install and Replace

Reduce Frosting

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