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Engineered by Cope Plastics. Because when your team is on the line, every lift is a critical lift. 

Safety and stability for your cranes and heavy equipment

Outrigger pads provide better load distribution for lifting equipment and help prevent catastrophic accidents. Our outrigger pads are fabricated from high quality UHMW, one of the toughest polymers on the market. Wood alternatives may be less expensive, but they can’t come close to the performance of plastic.

Our Outrigger Pads

Engineered for Job Site Performance

We work with many OEMs in the construction and heavy equipment industry, so we understand the challenges of all types of job sites. That’s why we’ve engineered our outrigger pads to solve your concerns.

You’ll save your team’s backs with our outrigger pads, which weigh half as much as wood alternatives under dry conditions...even less in rainy or humid conditions. With on-the-job injuries a chief concern, plastic outrigger pads help mitigate this risk.

Wood quickly deteriorates when exposed to aggressive ground chemicals like motor oil and road salts. UHMW outrigger pads are impervious to absorption, rot, and degradation, making them much longer lasting than their wood counterparts.

Slip Resistant
Cope’s outrigger pads are designed with a non-slip safety surface finish to hold outriggers in place. 

Size, Shape, & Working Load Limit
We provide over 15 different part numbers for our outrigger pads with working load limits (WLL) ranging from 45,000 to 130,000 pounds.

Warranty Information
Cope Plastics, Inc is committed to quality in every process within our organization. Quality is essential to our Quality Management System (QMS) and is ingrained in the strategic direction of our company. Our processes, policies and procedures ensure our customers receive quality products made to their requirements. For more information on warranty and terms and conditions of sale, click here.

Industry Applications

Aerial Equipment

Concrete Pumps

Construction and Demolition


Fire Trucks

Tree Trimming

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