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Industrial Laminate Sheets


Industrial laminated sheet is a hard, durable composition made by laminating multi-sheets of paper, nylon, cotton fabrics, glass fibers and other formulations with phenolic, silicones, melamines or epoxy resins. Outstanding mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical and physical properties are achieved by the various laminations. We stock the four grades: canvas, paper, linen and glass. More grades are available on factory order. When less than standard sheets are required, we cut to size. Cut to size pieces are sold in even foot multiples such as 12" x 12", 24" x 36", 12" x 24", etc. For example, a piece 8 1/2" x 19 3/4" would be priced as a 12" x 24". Other sheet sizes besides those listed below are available. Please call for prices and availability. All materials listed meet NEMA specifications, military and federal specifications.

Other sheet sizes are available. A specific grade in a specified sheet size may require an up-charge.