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LubX® C

LubX® C     LubX® C

Röchling Engineering Plastics introduces LubX® C, a high performance polymer designed specifically for the conveyor, material handling, and automation industries. With LubX® C, Röchling Engineering Plastics offers a new high performance material, which has outstanding dry-running properties at its disposal. Compared with conventional sliding materials, conveying systems equipped with LubX® C need considerably less energy. The considerably lower coefficient of friction of LubX® C eliminates the possibility of the slip-stick effect (backsliding) almost completely and thus increases process stability.

Proven Benefits

  • Energy & Noise Reduction
  • Significantly Lower Coefficient of Friction
  • Faster Dry-Running Speeds
  • Eliminates Slip-Stick Effect (Back-Sliding)
  • FDA Compliant Material
  • Specially designed to slide against steel and acetal chains

 LubX® CV     LubX® CV

Especially for systems to be operated at higher speeds and therefore higher productivity. LubX® CV has exceptionally good sliding properties and at the same time exhibits a very low temperature development. Both results in lower wear and a longer lifespan of the entire system.

Proven Benefits

  • Excellent sliding properties even at higher velocities and pressure loads
  • Excellent dry running properties
  • High wear resistance
  • Food compliance according 10/2011/EU, 1935/2004/EC, FDA
  • GMP-compliant according to 2023/2006 EC
  • Good machinability

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