Alupanel® is a premium quality composite panel made from aluminium composite materials featuring two 0.30mm aluminium sheets, sandwiching a polyethylene core. It has a .012 skin with the ability to be fabricated, folded and formed. Alupanel® is rigid, lightweight and UV resistant for outdoor use. The material is ideal for screen and digital print applications.

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Alupanel® A-Lite offers superb rigidity and impact resistance together with a smooth, flat surface. Its superior polyethylene core, specially developed paint system, and unique easy-peel protective film combine with a 0.20mm alloy skin to provide a panel of outstanding quality. Learn More
Alupanel®Eco Lite has a .005 skin to reduce weight for indoor and outdoor economical projects. This material has a matte/matte finish. Learn More
Alupanel®Eco Aluminum Composite Panels are a highly efficient, economic solution for all flat applications. Providing great value for money, Alupanel®Eco is an ideal choice for short term projects using 2440mm x 1220mm panels where no load will be applied to the panels. Learn More
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