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Nylaflow® Nylon Tubing is high quality pressure tubing, available in several formulations and English and metric dimensions. For applications that require toughness, resilience, a small bend radius, and high burst strength, Nylaflow® pressure tubing is a high performance, long-lasting alternative to copper,
rubber, aluminum, and other types of plastic tubing. Nylaflow® tubing is available with custom markings, cut to length, and custom packaging.

Types T and H Nylaflow® tubing are thin and heavy wall, general purpose tubing made from type 6/6 nylon. These types offer the highest strength and are FDA compliant for use in food or beverage handling applications.

Type LP Nylaflow® tubing is a low pressure, general purpose type 6 nylon tubing with carbon added for UV stability. Nylaflow® LM tubing is a premium high flex tubing available in two types: natural or black. Black tubing has improved heat and light stability. Type LM offers excellent chemical resistance and low moisture absorption.

Standard Nylon 6/6 mechanical grade tubing is designed for low pressure mechanical applications such as fluid and air transmission. It is an extremely tough, low friction, high flexibility tubing that can be used for cable protectors, or in short pieces as small bushings and washers. S&L Plastics standard nylon is ideal for a wide variety of other mechanical applications where higher pressure ratings are not required. S&L Plastics tubing resists abrasion and wear, is better than aluminum or steel, and has an extremely smooth inner surface with a low coefficient of friction. Nylon 101 is produced on a custom basis and is available in colors, with custom markings and cut to length.

Both Nylaflow® and Standard tubing can be cut with a sharp knife and flared hot or cold. They areodorless, tasteless, and non-corrosive.