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Bonding metal to nylon in a proprietary process produces a strong metal interface which stands up to the toughest applications. NYMETAL® billets are made exclusively with NYCAST® grades (including food-grade materials) and a variety of metal cores. Combining the performance advantages of nylon and metal into one cohesive unit, NYMETAL® offers advantages that are not obtained from either material alone.


Whether you are considering a new application or redesigning an existing one, you should consider the NYMETAL® advantages. This bond far exceeds the performance of mechanically bonded thermoplastic to steel components. The use of cast nylon produces a quiet running part, good vibration dampening, shock absorption, reduced part weight, longer wear, and the ability to reduce or eliminate lubrication. The metal core provides optimum strength in the bore for power transmission and keyway integrity. All these advantages can be delivered at cost competitive prices.


NYMETAL® billets can be manufactured into many different components, including gears of all types, rollers, sprockets, and augers. If you have a difficult power transmission application, NYMETAL® may provide you with the required solution. If you work in the food processing industry, NYMETAL® with NYLOIL®-FG on stainless steel can offer you a food grade solution that is FDA, USDA, and 3A compliant.


Every NYCAST® formulation currently offered can be manufactured as a NYMETAL® billet. Standard core materials include 1117 and 4140 steel and 303, 04, and 316 stainless steel. Metal core outside diameters are available in sizes from 1-1/2" to 6" and nylon outside diameters are available in sizes from 3" to 12". All billets are available in standard 24" lengths. Refer to the chart below for standard size combinations.


Our NYMETAL® product line includes more than just gears and sprockets. We have produced custom rollers of varying lengths up to 48" long in several outside diameter sizes. We have also made custom auger blanks primarily for the food processing and packaging industries. Our expertise in the casting of nylon on metal allows us to quote on a variety of custom sizes and metal core material combinations. Let our applications engineers design a custom NYMETAL® component for your application.


The torque-testing fixture determines the amount of torque required to separate the steel core from the NYCAST® outer rim. The NYMETAL® part is mounted in the fixture body and the torque arm is attached to the steel core. The fixture is mounted in a hydraulic press and force applied to the torque arm which induces rotation of the steel core within the NYCAST® rim. Note that the torque arm applies force equally to both sides of the specimen, eliminating any bending movement created by a single torque arm attached to only one side of the specimen.

A load cell positioned on the torque arm accurately measures applied force from which torque values are determined. Torque capability at the nylon/metal interface is critical to successful NYMETAL® part performance. Testing has shown that torque values in NYMETAL® parts are more than double those of nylon shrunk or press fit on to steel cores and up to 20 times greater than the torque transmission capabilities of gear teeth machined into the nylon rim. This superior bond allows engineers to approach NYMETAL® gear applications with confidence, knowing that they have the strength of a metal core with the advantages of a NYCAST® nylon rim and no loss of part integrity at the interface.