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Boat Lift Increases Performance, Decreases Noise with Plastic Conversions

Plastic Applications for Marine Industry

Nylon Replaces Lubricant Filled Bronze in Boat Lift Parts:

  • Self Lubricating for Superior Wear Resistance
  • Reduces Chatter, Noise and Slip Stick
  • Load Capacity over 6,000 LBS
  • Engineered to Work w/ Existing Design
  • Longer Part/Mating Part Life
  • Cost vs. Performance Ratio Value
Nylon Bushing for Boat Lift Pulley                 Nylon Pulley for Boat Lift





Additional Marine Applications for Plastics Include:

  • Pulleys/Sheaves
  • Acme Nuts
  • Slides/Spacers
  • Furniture
Plastic Applications for Marine Furniture