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Plexiglas® Forms

Aside from colorless sheet, the various grades can come in a variety of transparent, translucent, and opaque colors, as well as in several different surface patterns.

WHITE TRANSLUCENT SHEET -- A series of standard white translucent colors in a broad density range provides a wide selection of sheet with varying percentages of light transmittance, diffusion, and lamp hiding power. Light transmission also varies with the thickness of the sheet. This product serves well in lighting and sign applications.

TRANSLUCENT COLORS -- A wide range of standard, brilliant-to-subdued colors that transmit and diffuse light is available. Objects behind the sheet cannot
be clearly distinguished. Light transmittance does not depend on sheet thickness. Translucent color sheet is suitable for most sign applications.

TRANSPARENT COLORS -- A selection of standard colors that provide see-through, color filtering, and solar heat and glare control is available. Light transmittance varies from color to color, but for the same color remains about the same value, regardless of sheet thickness. Typical applications include glazing, displays, and fixtures.

OPAQUE COLORS -- Standard opaque low-chroma colors for non-illuminated decorative panels are available.

SOLAR CONTROL COLORS -- These sheets solve solar heat and glare control problems. Available in bronze and gray tints, they provide a high level of protection for architectural and transportation glazing, enclosures, and sunscreens. As with other transparent colored sheet, the light transmittance varies from color to color, but sheet of the same color transmits light about the same intensity, regardless of its thickness.

PATTERNED SHEETS -- The surface texture of patterned Plexiglas® sheet refracts or bends transmitted light. Adding special textures provides decorative effects, diffuses annoying reflections, and permits privacy. Certain surface texture patterns come on one or both sheet sides, and in transparent, translucent, and opaque colors.

INFRARED TRANSMITTING -- Colorless Plexiglas® sheet transmits most of the invisible nearinfrared
energy; however, Plexiglas® G sheet color 3143 blocks visible light and selectively transmits
infrared light. Applications include remote control devices, laser lenses, and heat sensors.

ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT FILTERING -- The Plexiglas® G, UF-3 and UF-4, and the Plexiglas® MC
UF-5 sheet formulations block ultraviolet (UV) light, with UF-5 providing maximum UV absorbance.
Standard Plexiglas® sheet grades only absorb the short UV wavelength energy; however, the UF
formulations have the same physical properties as their corresponding sheet grades, and are often
used for displaying documents and artifacts to minimize the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Standard PatternsDescription
P-4prism (approx. 64/sq in, G only)
DP-30stipple (both sides)
DP-32Flair® (both sides, MC only)
P-95fine matte finish
Non-Glarefor framing marketing (MC only)
Frostedboth sides