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Plexiglas Building Codes

Building codes define good practices to follow in the use of Plexiglas® sheet for light transmission and control. These practices presume that the combustibility and fire characteristics of the material will receive due consideration during the planning stages of construction. The fire hazard of uses of Plexiglas® sheet can be kept at an acceptable level by complying with building codes and observing established principles of fire safety.

Building code regulations may not provide for large-area installations; such installations do not always conform to area limitations. Installations of Plexiglas® sheet, such as transparent building enclosures and continuous sections of interior window systems, may require special permits based on an analysis of all relevant fire safety considerations.

On request, Cope Plastics, Inc. will provide copies of the approvals of Plexiglas® sheet under various building codes. Reports on the status of Plexiglas® sheet under Federal Government regulations are also available. Atoglas International, Arkena Group code consultants and engineers offer assistance in interpreting the codes for installation of Plexiglas® sheet in applications that constitute justifiable exceptions to existing restrictions.