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Polyurethane Cast Sheet


Cast urethane elastomer, a material for tough impact and abrasion applications, combines the best properties of metals, rubbers and plastics. The cast urethane will take the pounding of an automatic rifle's recoil or the abrasion and gouging that a conveyor belt guide rail gets day after day. Cast urethane elastomer simply does not break under ASTM D-256 izod impact testing, has 40 times the Taber abrasion resistance of rigid PVC and has 7 times that of high density polyethylene. The following formulations are available: (shore durometer) 60A, 75A, 85A, 95A and 75D. Please specify the formulation desired on order. Minimum order is one standard sheet.

Polyurethane Cast Sheet Availability & Tolerances

Sheet SizesThickness (inches)Tolerance (thickness)
24" x 24"1/41/211-3/4To .500" +/- 1/64"
24" x 48"5/165/81-1/42.500" up +/- 2%
48" x 48"3/83/41-1/2