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PSU 1000 Polysulfone


- Broad temperature range capability - Low ionic impurity
- Hydrolysis resistant - Good thermal and electrical insulation characteristics
- Radiation stability  

PSU 1000 Polysulfone (PSU) is an amber semi-transparent, heat-resistant, high performance engineering thermoplastic. It offers excellent mechanical, electrical and improved chemical resistance properties relative to polycarbonate. Polysulfone's properties remain relatively consistent over a broad temperature range, from -150°F (-100°C) to 300°F (150°C).

PSU 1000 Polysulfone is hydrolysis resistant for continuous use in hot water and steam at temperatures up to 300°F. Its flame resistance is UL 94-V-0 at 1/4" thickness (6.35mm) and UL 94-V-2 at 1/8" thickness (3.175mm).

PSU 1000 Polysulfone offers high chemical resistance to acidic and salt solutions, and good resistance to detergents, hot water and steam. In addition, polysulfone has excellent radiation stability, and offers low ionic impurity levels. PSU 1000 Polysulfone often replaces polycarbonate when higher temperatures, improved chemical resistance or autoclavability is required. It is commonly used for analytical instrumentation, medical devices and semiconductor process equipment components.

Food-grade PSU 1000 Polysulfone and custom colors can be special ordered. Only food-grade PSU 1000 is FDA, USA, 3A-Dairy and NSF compliant under standards 51 and 61.


Polysulfone is not a wear material and may stress craze under high pressure in certain chemical environments.