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Recycling Program

Cope Plastics' Customer Recycling Program supports our objectives of keeping plastics out of landfills, helping support your social responsibility goals, and providing another value added service for you, our customer. The aim of this project is to be a mutually beneficial recycling program that will ultimately make a difference in the future of plastics.


How this program benefits you:

-Creates a partnership of sustainable social and environmental responsibility
-Helps develop and establish additional company-wide "green" initiatives
-Alleviates public and governmental pressures to keep unused materials out of landfills
-Provides tracking and reporting of your recycling achievements for internal and external promotion
-Delivers collection supplies and expertise to help eliminate barriers to success
-Presents customized solutions that eliminate disposal costs, reduce bulk storage, and seamlessly integrate with your business processes

For more information about our Customer Recycling Program, contact:

Jama Fabry - Environmental Manager
(618) 467-7352 

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Save Green by Going Green with Cope!    

Cope Plastics, Inc. has been recycling for over 20 years, but since establishing their solar-powered processing center in 2012, they are now making an extraordinary ecological impact.  Their facility located  on Humbert Road in Alton has recycled millions of pounds of post-industrial plastic scrap and created new local jobs.  Cope actually recycles 90% of the materials used in their business process, equating to 262,000 pounds of paper, metal, oil, cardboard, and electronics annually.  Recognizing an unmet need in the industry, Cope has extended their recycling services to their customers across the Midwest, collecting over 1.14 million lbs. in 2014, 1.56 million lbs. in 2015, and 2.5 millions lbs. in 2016, and 2.68 millions lbs. in 2017.  Their initiatives have been recognized by many local organizations and the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), who have awarded them accolades four years running.  They regularly host community-wide recycling events with a focus on electronics collection and have become an industry leader, driving suppliers and competitors across the globe to ‘go green.’  As their environmental statement affirms, Cope Plastics is committed to making the world a better place.

Read how this program has positively impacted the bottom line for these customers: SEEDS OF SUCCESS

2016 Recycling Awards

Cope Environmental Statement

Is your material recyclable? Check out our list of acceptable materials.

ABS Sheet Mixed Colors Unground

Acetal Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Colors Unground

Acrylic Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Color Masked Unground

CAB Sheet Mixed Color Masked Unground

Dibond / ACM Sheet Mixed Color Unground

HDPE Sheet Mixed Colors Unground

HDPE Sheet White Unground

HIPS Sheet Mixed Color Unground

HMW Sheet Mixed Color Unground

Hygard Mixed Color Sheet Unground

Kydex Sheet Mixed Color Unground

LDPE Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Colors Unground

Nylon Mixed Colors Shavings (Baled) Unground

Nylon 6 Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Colors Chunk Unground

Nylon 6/6 Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Color Chunk Unground

PC Clear Coated masked Unground

PC Clear Sheet Corrugated masked Unground


PC   Clear Sheet Masked Unground

PC   Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Color Masked Unground

PET    Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Color Unground

PETG   Sheet Mixed Colors Unground

Polypro   Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Color Unground

PP   Corrugated Sheet Mixed Colors Unground

PP   Flex  Sheet Mixed Color Unground

PTFE   Virgin Sheet/Rod/Tube Unground

UHMW   Hot Sheet/Rod/Tube M/C Unground

UHMW   Mixed Color Pigtails (Baled) Unground

UHMW   Sheet/Rod/Tube Mixed Color Unground

UHMW   Sheet/Rod/Tube White Unground




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