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Recycling Success Stories

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  • A valued customer in Iowa was rejected from the local landfill, but with Cope’s Recycling Program, they found a reuse for bulky shipment containers, were able to free-up warehouse space, and incurred no additional freight expense by simply delivering scrap when they retrieve material.  They now have an outlet for their plastic scrap and recycle over 40,000 lbs. per year.
  • A preferred customer and labor buy-out source in the St. Louis area was previously trashing all of their scrap due to limited storage capacity.  Cope’s truck now picks up scrap as needed on its daily route, saving space and money and resulting in a strongly integrated business partnership.
  • Producing over 30,000 lbs. of scrap each year, a Chicagoland producer was in need of a recycling solution.  Cope came to the rescue, locating a processor to handle the unique material and determining the best method for collection and transport to maximize value.  
  • An original equipment manufacturer in Kansas wanted a full-service supplier who could fulfill their disposal requirements.  They significantly reduced their waste fees and quickly became the first program partner to receive an award for diverting 50,000 lbs. of plastic from the landfill. 

Environmental Manager: Jama Fabry (618) 980-3312

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