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Semitron® Static Dissipative Products


The Semitron® ESd family of static dissipative products was designed by Quadrant for use where electrical discharge in operation is a problem. Semitron® is commonly used for sensitive electronic components including: integrated circuits, hard disk drives and circuit boards. Semitron® products are also an excellent choice for material handling applications and components in high speed electronic printing and reproducing equipment.

Semitron® ESd products are inherently dissipative and electrically stable unlike many other "dissipative" plastic shapes. Semitron® does not rely on atmospheric phenomena to activate, nor are surface treatments used to achieve dissipation. Static electricity is dissipated through Semitron® products as readily as it is dissipated along the surface. All Semitron® products dissipate 5 KV in less than 2 seconds per Mil-B-81705C.

Proven applications include:

  • Wafer combs - Semitron® ESD 225
  • Handling trays - Semitron® ESD 410
  • Inserts - Semitron® ESD 500

Semitron® ESd 225 - Static Dissipative Acetal - ideal for fixturing used in the manufacturing of hard disk drives or for handling in-process silicon wafers. It is tan in color.

Surface resistivity: 1010 -1012 / sq. Thermal performance to 225°F (107°C) Good wear resistance

Semitron® ESd 410C - Static Dissipative PEI - ideal for handling integrated circuits through the test handler environment. Semitron® ESd 410C is black in color and opaque.