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Tivar® Recycled


- Low coefficient of friction
- No moisture absorption
- Reduces noise
- Self-lubricating
- Corrosion- and wear-resistant

TIVAR® Recycled offers a lower cost, high quality material for less demanding, non-FDA applications. It is available in two grades, as well as in UV and antistatic formulations. Marble grade is a multicolored blend of virgin and reclaimed TIVAR®, while Uniblend grade achieves more uniform colors through stringent separation of colors. Both TIVAR® Recycled Uniblend and TIVAR® Recycled Marble come in a black or green color and are available in 48" x 120" sheets with gauge sizes ranging frpm 1/16" to 6".

Forest Products
Pulp & Paper Mills
Amusement park under chain strips
Belt conveyor wipers and skirt boarding
Chain wear plates
Drag conveyor flights for grain and wood chips
Fabricated wood chip screens
Plowboard liners
Sand/salt boxes
Shank protectors
Snowplow blades
Wear plates
Woodyard conveyor "jackladder" chain