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Are you Ready to Take your Application to the Next Level with Bubble-X®?

Bubble-X® can Transform your next Project

Bubble-X® is a revolutionary plastic material that challenges the status quo by offering a greener alternative without compromising on functionality. It is a type of fluted polypropylene that is lightweight, durable, and exhibits exceptional strength, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Strength and Versatility: Prime bubble’s honeycomb shaped technology allows it to have tremendous strength while still being lightweight. This product can be used in printing, packaging, construction, and even in automotive and aerospace industries, where durability and weight-saving properties are highly sought after. It comes in a variety of sizing from 3 millimeters thick to 9.5 millimeters thick.  Sheets can be cut-to-size based on customer requirements.

Water and Chemical Resistance: Bubble-X® exhibits good resistance to water and many chemicals, making it a reliable option for outdoor and industrial applications. This aspect also makes the material a great wood alternative for any application.

Recyclable: Bubble-X® is made from polypropylene which allows it to be recycled through our scrap reclamation program. At the end of its life cycle, the material can be reprocessed and incorporated into new products, closing the loop and minimizing waste generation.


This material is used in a lot of point of purchase retail displays, indoor signage, outdoor signage, custom architecture, camping/recreational vehicle building, and packaging applications. Prime Bubble is both diverse and unique, making the possibilities for use extensive.

Common Uses 

Outdoor signage is a typical use for this material. Prime bubble is easy to print on and resistant to UV rays. It is also strong enough to hold up to all forms of weather.

Bubble-X® is taking over the packaging industry. It is frequently used for totes and plastic sleeve packs to keep freight light weight while completely protecting the contents inside. This material works to keep products safe during shipping and movement throughout the warehouse. It is even being used to transport automotive parts!

Bubble-X® in the Wilderness… and on hog farms?

Fold-up kayak manufacturers are utilizing Bubble-X® in a fun new way, using the material as the bottom of their kayaks. This material is strong enough to hold up to the rigid waters of rivers and creeks while remaining lightweight, so hikers can easily hike in-and-out of rivers and terrain on their hiking paths.

Another popular application for Bubble-X® is use in campers and RVs. Manufacturers use this material when building platforms underneath the beds in gooseneck trailers. The lightweight material helps the manufacturer stay under their towing capacity.

Recently, Bubble-X® has become a popular material for the walls of hog pens because it is strong enough to contain the animals while being a great wood substitute. One of the biggest draws is prime bubble is easier to clean than wood.

Cope Plastics stocks the following and can provide additional colors and sizes as needed, as well as cut-to-size capabilities. Contact your Cope Rep today!
  • 4mm 48×96 white
  • 5mm 48×96 white
  • 8mm 48×96 white
  • 9.5mm 48×96 white
  • 9.5mm 60×120 white

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