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We’re committed to helping your business grow and making the world a better place. When you partner with us, you can gain peace of mind knowing that we as your plastics partner are doing our part to preserve the environment...and that you've joined the One Cope family of companies committed to environmental sustainability.

Our sustainability practices include recycling 90% of the materials we use in our business process, which adds up to over 260,000 pounds of paper, metal, oil, cardboard, and electronics annually. We also help our partners solve their sustainability challenges through our customer recycling program.

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Solar Powered

Our scrap processing facility generates enough solar electricity annually to cover its warehouse energy costs.

Recycling Program

We’re keeping millions of pounds of our customers’ materials out of landfills every year.

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LED Lighting

The LED bulbs in our facilities use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

Our Sustainability Promise

“Cope Plastics is committed to making the world a better place. We’re partnering with suppliers, customers, and the community to minimize our environmental impact while increasing sustainability and green initiatives through innovation, education, and social responsibility.”

Success Stories

A smart landfill alternative
Solving storage challenges
Unique materials
High quantity

A smart landfill alternative

A valued customer in Iowa was rejected from the local landfill, but with Cope’s Recycling Program, they found a reuse for bulky shipment containers, were able to free-up warehouse space, and incurred no additional freight expense by simply delivering scrap when they retrieve material. They now have an outlet for their plastic scrap and recycle over 40,000 lbs. per year.
40k pounds of plastic scrap recycled by customer per year

Solving storage challenges

A preferred customer in the St. Louis area had been facing some storage challenges, and as a result, was trashing all of their scrap. Cope’s truck now picks up their scrap as needed on its daily route, saving space and money and resulting in a strongly integrated business partnership.

Unique materials

One of our Chicagoland partners, who produces products using some unique materials, was struggling to find a recycling channel. Producing over 30,000 pounds of scrap annually, they needed a solution quickly! The Cope team came to the rescue, locating a processor to handle the unique material and determining the best method for collection and transport to maximize value.
30k pounds of scrap per year saved from landfills

High quantity

An original equipment manufacturer in Kansas wanted a full-service supplier who could fulfill their disposal requirements. As a result of implementing Cope’s recycling program, they were able to significantly reduce their waste fees. They also quickly became the first program partner to receive an award for diverting 50,000 pounds of plastic from the landfill.
375k pounds of plastic saved from landfills to date
IAPD Environmental Program Awards
million pounds of plastic recycled annually
of material used in our business process is recycled
million pounds of plastic recycled to date (and counting!)
active recycling customers


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