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Graphics materials go far beyond signage! Our quality graphics plastics are perfect for architectural applications, security glazing, and much more.

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No matter what the application—retail displays, indoor/outdoor signage, etc.—the possibilities are endless in what we can create to help your company and products stand out.


Due to their strength and weather resistance, the right graphics material can make all the difference. We’ll blend the aesthetics you want with the performance you need.


Special design needs? Short turnaround time? We want to help you meet the unique requirements and time constraints of your project, and we’ll stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied!

Secondary Industries

Signage and Point-of-Purchase Display

Your signage should be a direct reflection of the quality your customers expect, emphasizing the excellence your brand delivers. Whether it’s in print, digital, exhibits, or displays, the customization possibilities are truly infinite. Let us guide you in creating standout solutions that elevate your company’s products above the competition.

Signage Applications:

Trade Show and Museum Exhibits: Plastics enable innovative and durable exhibit structures, enhancing the visual appeal and longevity of displays.
Indoor and Outdoor 2D and 3D Signs: Plastics offer a canvas for visually striking signage, ensuring lasting impressions and weather-resistant effectiveness.
Retail Racks: Plastic materials contribute to strategically designed racks, showcasing products effectively and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
Tiered Tables: Plastics in tiered tables facilitate dynamic product presentations, adding visual interest and ease of customer access.
Short-term and Long-term Promotional Displays and Signs: Plastics provide customizable solutions for both short-term and long-term promotional displays, ensuring adaptability to specific campaign needs.

clear acrylic POP display cases
acrylic two-tiered display stand
translucent white outdoor signage
frosted acrylic 4-way retail display
acrylic sign

Building & Architectural

Advanced architectural plastics are revolutionizing safety and environmental sustainability in various applications. Plastics like acrylic, polycarbonate, ACM, and HDPE combine durability, strength, and weather resistance to create long-lasting structures for greenhouses, bus shelters, canopies, and more. These materials, lighter than wood, metal, and glass, facilitate easier handling during installation, require less fuel and energy for transport, and entail fewer maintenance concerns over the structure’s lifespan.

Building & Architectural Applications:
Greenhouses: Harness the benefits of advanced plastics to create durable and environmentally friendly greenhouses.
Entryway Canopies: Enhance architectural aesthetics and functionality with sturdy canopies designed for entryways.
Bus Shelters: Provide safe and weather-resistant shelters for commuters using lightweight and durable plastic materials.
Carports: Construct long-lasting carports that withstand the elements while reducing environmental impact.
Skylights: Integrate durable plastics into skylight designs to bring natural light into interior spaces.
Security Windows: Utilize advanced plastics to enhance the security of windows, ensuring both safety and longevity.
Interior Partitions & Room Dividers: Create flexible and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces using lightweight and durable materials.
Mirrors: Incorporate lightweight and robust plastics into mirror applications for added safety and longevity.
Corner Guards & Run Rails: Safeguard architectural elements with corner guards and run rails that withstand the test of time.
Outdoor Furniture: Design environmentally friendly and durable outdoor furniture using advanced plastic materials.
Playgrounds: Ensure safety and longevity in playground structures with plastics that resist wear and tear.

colored polycarbonate carport
acrylic and polycarbonate bus shelter
HDPE and polycarbonate playground equipment
translucent room dividers
vacuum formed skylights

Construction & Glazing

Plastics play a crucial role throughout the construction process, contributing not only to the final structure but also to the efficient and safe operation of the workplace.

Construction & Glazing Applications:
Cab Windows: Plastic materials offer impact resistance, ensuring increased safety for construction vehicles and operators.
Directional Signage: Plastics contribute to durable directional signage, ensuring clear communication on construction sites with cost-effective visibility.
Construction Signage: Durable plastic construction signage enhances safety and organization on job sites, withstanding various weather conditions for long-lasting effectiveness.
Clear Partitions/Barriers: Flexible, shatter-resistant plastic partitions provide safety and transparency in defined workspaces, meeting OSHA requirements as a secure alternative to traditional materials.
Boarding Windows: Durable plastic boarding windows offer enhanced security and weather-resistant protection, maintaining resilience against adverse weather conditions.
Floor Protection Mats (Surface Shields): Lightweight and flexible plastic mats (Surface Shields) protect surfaces during construction, reducing the need for costly repairs. Their easy installation and repositioning add to their effectiveness.

construction equipment protective cab windows
clear driver safety panels for forklifts
construction site safety signage


Plastics play a vital role in enhancing the safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency of various modes of transportation, including trains, buses, boats, planes, ATVs, and RVs. Their durability and reduced weight contribute significantly to these improvements. In the unfortunate event of a collision, certain polymers exhibit impact- and fire-resistant properties, offering enhanced protection for both passengers and drivers.

For everyday comfort, plastics provide sound dampening effects, creating a more enjoyable experience for passengers and commuters. The versatility of plastics also allows for clear communication and aesthetically pleasing interiors within commuter vehicles, offering a wide array of colors and graphic capabilities. Furthermore, plastics can be manipulated to create intricate fabricated or thermoformed parts, adding a layer of complexity to design possibilities.

Transportation Applications:
DOT Signage: Ensure clear communication and safety with durable DOT signage made from versatile plastics.
Bus (Mobile & Shelter) Signs: Enhance the visibility and attractiveness of buses with mobile and shelter signs crafted from durable plastics.
Transportation Windows: Improve safety and comfort with lightweight and durable transportation windows made from impact-resistant polymers.
Window Graphics: Utilize the graphic capabilities of plastics to enhance the aesthetics of transportation windows, providing clear communication and attractive visuals.
Folding Trays: Increase convenience for passengers with lightweight and versatile folding trays designed for various transportation modes.
Wall Panels: Elevate interior aesthetics and functionality with durable and visually appealing wall panels made from manipulable plastics.
Driver Security Glazing: Prioritize driver safety with impact- and fire-resistant security glazing made from resilient polymers.

Bus Driver Clear Barrier
ATV windows
airline windows

Safety & Security

Polymers prove highly effective in safeguarding people from natural disasters and physical threats, including assaults, bullets, and bomb blasts. Fabricated plastics find applications in wearable armor and safety barriers, offering a resilient defense mechanism. Unlike glass, plastics possess the unique ability to absorb shock by converting impact energy into heat. This characteristic allows polymer materials to bend rather than shatter, providing enhanced protection.

Security plastic not only offers superior safety benefits but is also more energy-efficient compared to safety glass. When employed in barriers such as bank windows and detention center glazing, it contributes to lowering the carbon footprint of businesses and institutions.

Safety & Security Applications: Safety & Emergency Signs, Bank Windows, Convenience Store/Gas Cashier Glazing, Embassy Windows, Military/Police Face Shields, Prison/Detention Center Glazing, Riot Shields, Weather Rated Windows, Security Entryways, Machine Guards

Incorporating plastics into safety and security applications not only provides advanced protection but also contributes to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. At Cope Plastics, our featured parts are designed to elevate safety standards across various industries, ensuring both durability and security.

Acrylic Retail Barrier
Acrylic Tabletop Barrier
bank security barriers
bullet resistant glazed polycarbonate


Plastic emerges as an optimal choice for reusable packaging, offering advantages such as lightweight construction, exceptional barrier properties, and FDA compliance. It stands as an ideal alternative to cardboard, especially for food, beverage, and various consumer products. Plastic packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity of products during transport and within retail settings, ensuring consumer safety by protecting against potential contaminants.

Moreover, plastic packaging contributes to a closed-loop supply chain through its high recyclability. Unlike cardboard, it doesn’t necessitate tape or adhesive, simplifying the recycling process.

Specialty Packaging & Shipping Applications:

Performance plastics revolutionize specialty packaging and shipping, ensuring enhanced durability for secure transit and preserving item integrity with superior barrier properties. In the realm of plastic containers and dividers, they provide sturdy storage solutions, infusing strength and resilience to withstand storage demands while ensuring efficient organization. For temporary protection during transit, performance plastics excel in shock absorption, preventing damage during handling with lightweight yet protective solutions. In cardboard alternative applications, these plastics showcase sustainability and strength, offering versatile substitutes in various packaging scenarios, combining durability and environmental considerations. In all featured parts, performance plastics stand out, delivering a powerful combination of strength, durability, and versatility.



durable and reusable polypro gaylords and sleeve packs
die cut ship flat custom corrugated polypropylene boxes
custom foam sample case
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