Equipment Capabilities

The largest plastics fabrication equipment arrangement in the Midwest is ready and waiting to get to work for you! Explore the features of our equipment and imagine what we could create together to help your business succeed.


Precision and speed don’t often go hand in hand, but when it comes to saws, our CNC panel saws make it possible. For both cut-to-size and cut-for-fabrication jobs, these machines execute large and small cuts quickly and accurately. We're not just about making cuts; we're about maximizing value. By reducing costs through optimized yield and minimizing waste, we offer significant savings for your projects. By cutting down materials, we reduce shipping costs, making it more economical to ship via UPS. Plus, with our ability to customize pricing based on your requirements and offer cost-effective solutions compared to standard stock materials, we ensure that you get the best value for your investment.

14ft CNC Saw
Cut to Size At Cope Plastics, we're not just cutting materials; we're cutting costs, saving time, and delivering precision solutions tailored just for you.
Guillotine Saw Our guillotine saw cuts thin gauge and corrugated material in-house with no chips or dust, which is ideal for graphics material.


For large parts and large quantities, nothing beats our multi-head CNC routers. We’re equipped with over a dozen of these massive machines, which allows us to handle even the biggest of any big job with ease. On our CNC routers, your drawing is first uploaded to the software, then your Cope Plastics programmer selects the proper tool, cut depth, and cutting path. Once the router is set up, your material is cut to specifications using computer automation that ensures precision every time.

Watch our Robot Mozie in Action
CNC Router
CNC Router with Robot
UHMW Skid Plate Sliding ground interference component on Harvesting Equipment.
UHMW Deflector Used as a slide surface to direct grain in agricultural equipment.
Repocessed UHMW Outrigger Pads used to stabilize lift equipment.
Acrylic Window Used to replace glass in heavy equipment cabs.
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From simple to complex specifications and from small to large quantities, our vertical and horizontal mills get the job done. No matter what your project demands, we have the equipment to ensure your ideas are executed to the highest level of precision.

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CNC Vertical Mill
CNC Vertical Mill
CNC Horizontal Mill
CNC Horizontal Mill
Nylon Material Guide Used to direct boxes in high speed conveyors.
Delrin Linear Guide Guide used as the wear surface for linear piston.
Nylon Wear Block Combine with PTFE inserts, to provide a low friction wear surface in construction equipment.
Reprocessed UHMW Hose Clamp Plastic clamp used to hold hydraulic hoses in place on construction equipment.
UHMW Battery Boxes Chemically inert material used to isolate batteries from engine heat.
Reprocessed UHMW Can Diverter Used to locate cans in a filling and sealing operation.
PVC Bracket Plastic part used to hold objects in place during operation.
Nylon Linear Wear Pad Pad used to reduce wear and friction on a sliding boom.

Lathes & Screw Machining

Screw machining is an excellent alternative to injection molding, especially considering the high cost of tooling. Manual and automatic lathes can produce any round work that can be made from rod—washers, pulleys, valves, grommets, and a whole lot more. We have an extensive set of equipment for this type of round work, including 10 screw machines and 12 lathes. We have a wide variety of different types of lathes to perform specialized round work for nearly any application. Whether your job requires 50 or 50,000 parts, we can handle it.

See inside our Mazak big bore lathe
Screw Machine
CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe
Acetal Bushing Plastic bushing used with stainless steel mating components in food processing.
Nylon Flange Bushing Plastic bushing used with no lubrication in dirty ag environments.
Acetal Adapter Used to connect feed tubes of different sizes.


Our state-of-the-art laser capabilities allow us to engrave and cut with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring your projects are executed to perfection. From acrylic polished edge to high-tolerance requirements, we've got you covered. With streamlined processes and low setup times, we prioritize yield improvement and efficiency. Plus, our full sheet capability means no job is too big or too small. Experience the difference with our laser department – where we shorten cycles and deliver flawless results, every time.

Hand Laser
Epilog Laser
Laser Finished Part
Finished Laser Part Black Acetal
Finished Laser Part Blue Acetal
Finished Laser Part Red Engraving Stock ABS

Custom Fabrication

Discover precision in design with our comprehensive custom fabrication services, raising the bar for customer satisfaction. Each detail is meticulously handcrafted to match your vision. From oven forming and gluing to fritting, painting, edge finishing, flame polishing, heat bending, vacuum forming, assembly, and break press services, we offer a diverse range of solutions tailored to your needs. At Cope Plastics, the possibilities are limitless.

Wire Bender
Drill Machine
Break Press


Our Packaging Department is comprised of a dedicated team focused on meeting your packaging needs and ensuring timely delivery of your products. Whether it's coordinating shipments of 10 pallets via LTL carriers or carefully packaging delicate items for parcel shipping, our goal is to guarantee your products arrive safely and intact. With expertise in unique packaging solutions, we tailor our approach to meet your individual requirements, ensuring your items are received on time and in perfect condition.

Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging

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