The largest plastics fabrication equipment arrangement in the Midwest is ready and waiting to get to work for you! Explore the features of our equipment and imagine what we could create together to help your business succeed.


For large parts and large quantities, nothing beats our multi-head CNC routers. We’re equipped with over a dozen of these massive machines, which allows us to handle even the biggest of any big job with ease. On our CNC routers, your drawing is first uploaded to the software, then your Cope Plastics programmer selects the proper tool, cut depth, and cutting path. Once the router is set up, your material is cut to specifications using computer automation that ensures precision every time.

Wear Plate Made for a tractor
Skid Shoe
Outrigger Pads
Acrylic Window


From simple to complex specifications and from small to large quantities, our vertical and horizontal mills get the job done. No matter what your project demands, we have the equipment to ensure your ideas are executed to the highest level of precision.

Conveyor System Part
Mining Equipment Part
PTFE inserts are placed in the nylon circle cutouts to increase lubrication
Hose Holder
Battery Boxes
Can Diverter
Pump Mandrel
Conveyor Wear Pad
Forklift Boom Pad
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Lathes & Screw Machining

Screw machining is an excellent alternative to injection molding, especially considering the high cost of tooling. Manual and automatic lathes can produce any round work that can be made from rod—washers, pulleys, valves, grommets, and a whole lot more. We have an extensive set of equipment for this type of round work, including 10 screw machines and 12 lathes. We have a wide variety of different types of lathes to perform specialized round work for nearly any application. Whether your job requires 50 or 50,000 parts, we can handle it.

Phenolic Bearing Part

Saws & Laser Cutting

Precision and speed don’t often go hand in hand, but when it comes to saws, our eight CNC panel saws make it possible. For both cut-to-size and cut-for-fabrication jobs, these machines execute large and small cuts quickly and accurately. For laser cutting or engraving jobs, our system is the best-equipped large format laser cutting system on the market today.

Phenolic Insulator
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