Arizona Plastic Fabrication

Our Cope Plastics Arizona team has expanded into two business units, consisting of a Sales Branch in Goodyear, AZ and a Fabrication Facility on Chandler, AZ. This team has a passion for creativity in solutions so send your challenges our way.

Plastic Fabrication Capabilities

Our Southwest Region now operates three CNC machines, multiple hand tools, table saws, heat bending capabilities, hand routers, and a large high production CNC beam saw that can cut stacked sheets. The addition of our new HAAS VF4SS Mill now allows this team to produce tighter tolerance plastic parts and is excellent at creating smaller parts that can be hard to hold on a CNC router. This machine gives them thread tapping capabilities as well as multi-profile 4 axis contour milling. They are also able to make their own fixtures out of aluminum or other metals, giving them greater capabilities and higher production efficiencies. This mill is designed for high-capacity milling, drilling, tapping, and surfacing… all of these functions are achieved according to demanding tolerances. The machine is incredibly rigid providing smooth cut finishes. The large open worktable gives flexibility to quickly set up vises in the best locations for a job.

CNC Haas Mill w/ Cope Arizona Team
Saw in Cope Arizona Warehouse
New HAAS VF4SS Mill in Chandler, Arizona

Performance Plastic Materials

Our 8,000+ sq. ft. of warehouse space in Arizona allows us to inventory many materials that our customer base needs access to. Our graphic materials stock includes Acrylic, Foam Board, Foam PVC, Fluted Polypropylene, Clear Polycarbonate, & more. Our mechanical plastic stock includes HDPE Natural, UHMW Repro, Virgin Natural UHMW, Acetal Copolymer Black & Natural, & more.

Goodyear, AZ Warehouse - Stocking your industrial plastic needs.
Mechanical & Graphic Materials - Same day shipping on in-stock items.
Arizona Warehouse
Arizona Warehouse
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Industries Served

Our Cope Arizona team's manufacturing process knocks out many of our bread-and-butter parts for the Heavy Equipment and Agriculture industry including wear pads, ground protection mats, sleeve bushings, hose clamps, and much more. The addition of new machinery now allows for the creation of tight-tolerance parts that are often used in aerospace, silicon, defense, and semiconductor industries.

PTFE Part for High Temp Environments for a Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer
HDPE Outdoor Golf Cart Cooler Lid
HDPE Ground Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment (In Stock)

Fabrication in Action