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Cope’s Arizona Team: the Southwest’s New Solution for Lead Times

Meeting Post-Pandemic Demand with a Cutting-Edge Solution

Cope Plastics has extended its reach into the Southwest U.S. with the establishment of two vital business units: a Sales Branch and a dedicated Fabrication Facility. Located in Greater Phoenix, Arizona, this expansion has posed a unique challenge – efficiently producing plastic parts for Southwest customers when orders must traverse the daunting Rocky Mountains.

Adding to the complexity, the surge in post-pandemic demand for performance polymer shapes and fabricated parts has stretched the capacities of the entire industry.

Introducing the HAAS VF4SS Mill

Our Southwest team has taken matters into their own hands to address lead time challenges. Their solution: acquiring a HAAS VF4SS mill. This addition not only increases capacity but also accelerates the delivery of finished products to West Coast customers, eliminating logistical hurdles created by distance and mountainous terrain. Before this purchase, the Fabrication Facility relied solely on CNC routers and custom fabrication. With the new mill, they can replicate seventy-five percent of Cope’s operational capabilities in Phoenix. The Southwest Region now operates three CNC machines, along with an array of hand tools, table saws, heat bending capabilities, hand routers, and a high-production CNC beam saw capable of cutting stacked sheets.

This mill empowers our Arizona team to manufacture tighter tolerance parts, excelling in crafting smaller components that can be challenging to handle on a CNC router. It offers thread tapping capabilities and multi-profile 4-axis contour milling. Additionally, it enables the creation of fixtures from aluminum and other metals, enhancing capabilities and production efficiency. Designed for high-capacity milling, drilling, tapping, and surfacing, this machine meets stringent tolerances, delivering smooth finishes. The spacious work table allows for flexible vise setups to optimize job execution.

The HAAS VF4SS offers coolant options for heat-sensitive features, utilizing eco-friendly coolants safe for all plastic categories. It can process parts with features on both the top and bottom, providing improved accuracy and precision tolerancing compared to CNC routers.

Our Arizona team’s efficiency shines as one person can manage multiple machines each day. Coupled with top CAD/CAM software and quality tooling, vises, and clamps, they can create components that set us apart from the competition.


  • Tool Capacity: 30 tools
  • Bed Dimensions: 20 inches by 50 inches
  • Capacity (typical application, e.g., wear pad): 400-600 parts per day
  • Capacity (small applications): 10,000+ per day
  • Vises: 5 vises for running 5 different parts simultaneously

Leading the Way in Shorter Lead Times

The addition of this CNC mill positions us to pioneer shorter lead times in the industry. Our goal is to be the first to market with high-quality products. Depending on the part’s characteristics, size, features, and tolerances, we can choose between the mill or routers to fulfill orders efficiently.

This new addition broadens our reach to various industries, including aerospace, silicon, semiconductor, agriculture, transportation, and defense. Cope-Arizona is now a versatile market basket option.

Elevating Quality and Service

The CNC Mill has unlocked opportunities in the Aerospace, Defense/Military, and Semiconductor industries. It’s about creating new possibilities and competing in diverse markets.

Gary French, Chandler Branch Manufacturing Manager, emphasizes our commitment to excellence:

“Anyone can be the cheapest… It is our goal as the Cope- Arizona team to be the best. We can and will exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, timely delivery all at a great value. Having this new machinery helps us to meet that goal in a big way! High quality fabricated parts are Cope’s heritage; we honor this by expanding that level of service to the southwest with great energy.” 

This proactive team is determined to shape their own future and serve all markets in the Performance Plastics Industry. Discover more about their fabrication capabilities fabrication capabilities.

Reach out to them regarding any and all of your performance plastic needs.   

Chandler, AZ: Gary French | 480-597-3393 | gfrench@copeplastics.com

Goodyear, AZ: Travis Gooden | 623-535-9905 | tgooden@copeplastics.com 

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