Food & Beverage Processing and Packing Equipment

The unique demands of food processing and packaging are met by a wide variety of Engineered Plastics. Enhanced performance, regulatory approval, and detectability make these materials ideal for a variety of applications.

Food & Beverage with Cope Plastics

Wear Life
Chemical Resistance
Dimensional Stability


Specific formulations of engineered plastics are FDA, USDA, 3-A Dairy, and NSF compliant, allowing their use in food contact areas.

Wear Life

The inherent performance characteristics of engineered plastics provide increased wear life compared to traditional metals. These materials also work well with soft metals like stainless steel and aluminum, eliminating galling and mating part wear.

Chemical Resistance

The broad chemical resistance of engineered plastics eliminates corrosion or attack when processing products like citrus, while also being unaffected by the harsh cleaners typical of Clean in Place.

Dimensional Stability

Low moisture absorption and thermal stability allow engineered plastics to be used in applications where high heat, high speeds, and tight tolerances are critical to the performance of the equipment.

Secondary Industries

Processing Plants

For food & beverage processing plants, plastics can create cleaner environments, keep consumers safe, and increase efficiency. Lightweight components are ideal for high speed production. Plastic parts cause significantly less wear and tear than metal on mating parts and food packaging. Transparent plastics can also offer an easy view of machines during operation. Finally, there are now x-ray and metal detectable plastics that can prevent foreign material from being packaged in food and beverage products. Cope Plastics works with leading companies in dairy processing, beverage bottling, and meat, poultry, and fish processing to deliver plastic solutions for manufacturing.

Featured Parts:Wear Pads, Belt Wipers, Feed Screws, Sprockets, Pillow Blocks, Rollers, Wheels, Rail Guides, Star Wheels, Wear Strips, Mixer Liners, Chain Guides, Bin Liners, Wear Strips, Filler Nozzles, Timing Feed Screws, Gravity Chutes, Bearings, Contact Surfaces, Cutting Boards, Stir Paddles, Bushings, Filler Pistons, Locators, Scrapers, Pulleys, Sheaves, Carton Guides

Gear Plastic part used for processing plants
Conveyor Diverter Plastic part used for processing plants
Piston Plastic part used for processing plants

Food Processing Equipment

Our premium plastic food processing parts and components can be made to comply with your specific requirements, whether it’s FDA, NSF, 3A Dairy, or other federal regulations. We fabricate parts for ice making equipment, commercial cooking equipment, and beverage dispensing equipment, just to name a few. Our high-quality plastics are resistant to hot water and steam, have long wear life, and are easy to clean. 

Featured Parts:Flexible Tubing, Windows, Seals, Spacers, Gaskets, Warming Trays, Feed Screws, Mixer Liners, Chain Guides, Bin Liners, Wear Strips, Filler Nozzles, Timing Feed Screws, Gravity Chutes, Refrigeration Doors, Cutting Boards, Bushings, Filler Pistons, Scrapers, Pulleys

Nylon Shoulder Bushing Plastic part used for food processing equipment
Portion Meter Plastic part used for food processing equipment

Secondary Industries

Bottling Plants

Commercial Refrigeration

Cutting Board – Contact Surfaces

Point-of-Sale Display

Poultry/Beef & Pork Processors

Commercial Cabinetry & Equipment

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