June 6, 2024 | Case Studies

Cope Plastics Optimizes MRO Parts for Efficient Dough Production


Imagine running a large bakery corporation and discovering that a crucial component of your bread-making process, the dough piston, is not only expensive but also comes with the added challenges of overseas production. The majority of dough-making parts are designed and manufactured in Italy, controlled by overseas OEMs, leading to exorbitant costs, logistical nightmares, and frustratingly long lead times. Ordering from abroad has become a cumbersome process, impacting efficiency and increasing overall costs.


Enter Cope Plastics, an expert fabricator recommended by a local bakery known for our unwavering commitment to quality and customer loyalty. Word of mouth brought us to the attention of this major corporation, and the deciding factors were clear – our local presence, flexible order quantities, and superior delivery options. The icing on the cake? Our quoting process, offering budget-friendly solutions that addressed the client’s financial considerations. Cope Plastics emerged as the go-to source for MRO needs, providing not just parts but a comprehensive solution to streamline operations.

Safer Dough Production

The global shift in the baking industry towards plastic parts for dough-making was a game-changer, prompted by concerns about rust in metal components caused by the yeast in the dough. Recognizing the need for a safer and more efficient solution, Cope Plastics introduced FDA-approved polymers, ensuring that the production process met the highest standards of quality and safety. Embracing industry trends, we also incorporated blue acetal pistons, not just for functionality but also for a visual pop – aiding bakers in quick contamination checks.


In the intricate world of dough piston design and manufacturing, Cope Plastics stands out thanks to our exceptional programming department, whose dedication and expertise are at the heart of this success story. Guided by their innovative designs, we seamlessly navigate the complexities of creating these specialized pistons. From the conceptual phase in the programming department, the designs seamlessly transition to our fabrication floor where skilled machinists breathe life into them with precision and expertise honed through years of experience.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Like the final piece in a symphony, our expert packagers take the stage. Meticulously handling and packaging each component, they play a crucial role in guaranteeing the safe and secure transit of our finely crafted parts. This entire process, from programming to machining, and finally to shipping, unfolds under one roof right here in the United States. The seamless coordination between in-house teams not only ensures a top-notch product but also contributes significantly to saving time and money for our valued customers.

Whether you’re an industry expert or a bread enthusiast, our commitment to excellence in design and production, combined with local service, sets Cope Plastics apart as a reliable partner, exceeding industry standards and revolutionizing the world of MRO parts.

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