October 18, 2023 | Case Studies

Revolutionizing Industries with Performance Plastics

Have you ever considered the diverse array of applications for performance plastics? Would you have ever imagined that plastics could play a vital role in cell phone towers or hydroponic farming? It’s time to broaden your perspective because performance plastic is ubiquitous, contributing to the enhancement of our world.

The journey all began with a customer and a seemingly unrelated pool noodle. This customer visited our offices with a unique design concept that required our expertise to bring to fruition. The challenge at hand involved the installation of new 5G cables in the field, and our customer’s innovative design promised to resolve this issue. Traditionally, such installations necessitated the removal of existing wiring systems and conduit from 300 FT cell towers.  However, this revolutionary design introduced a rigid PVC conduit with sides that can flip open, enabling the seamless replacement of wires without the need for a full system overhaul.

This ingenious solution has now evolved to serve the agricultural sector. You might wonder how one transitions from cell phone towers to farming. By introducing openings throughout the PVC conduit and running water and nutrients through the system, it has proven to be an ideal solution for hydroponic farming. Fruits, vegetables, and flowers thrive in this environment, exhibiting accelerated growth and improved quality. Collaborations with universities are underway, aiming to upscale the conduit’s dimensions for larger agricultural fields. This innovation is expected to boost crop yields by three to four times, and this is just the start. The potential applications of performance plastic are boundless, opening up a world of possibilities.

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