April 3, 2020 | Case Studies

Safety & Medical Materials: How We’re Helping

Oxygen Regulators for Ventilators

We are a supplier of FDA acrylic parts that serve as oxygen flow meters for medical ventilators. Under normal circumstances, these parts have a six-to-eight-week lead time. We received an order for 2,600 parts to fill the demand due to COVID-19 and knew that people’s lives were depending on these critical parts. Our team prioritized production and worked tirelessly to deliver the ventilator parts right away. 

These oxygen regulators are just one of the vital parts that our team at Cope has prioritized due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. We are honored to help our incredible medical professionals and other essential workers during this difficult time. We are so grateful to our essential team members who are working in fabrication to keep the machines running to make this possible!

Ventilator acrylic parts

Acrylic Plastic Partitions: Keeping Grocery Workers Safe

If you’ve been inside a grocery store during the COVID-19 pandemic, you have probably seen plastic partitions going up in checkout lanes to provide a barrier between cashiers and the public they work with. A contractor in the St. Louis metropolitan area contacted our team at Cope to help fulfill a need for plastic partitions at a major regional grocery chain.

The retailer needed a clear, scratch-resistant material that could be easily cleaned and sanitized. They also needed the material to be relatively durable, since it would be cleaned many times throughout the day. The Cope team recommended acrylic for the application since its properties aligned with the needs of the retailer. Because of our relationships with quality material suppliers, we had plenty of acrylic sheet inventory in stock to satisfy their requirements. 

Acrylic & Polycarbonate Retail Partitions

Plastic for Face Shields: Fulfilling Urgent Medical Equipment Needs

We work with a leading manufacturer of industrial personal protective equipment (PPE) to supply their plastic material needs for a variety of face shields and safety glasses. Due to the overwhelming demand for medical PPE for hospital workers and emergency responders, the company decided to temporarily shift its focus to help fulfill the urgent need for medical face shields. 

With durability, transparency, and cleanability as primary concerns, Cope Plastics recommended using thin-gauge PETG and polycarbonate for the face shields. We were able to supply the PETG and polycarbonate sheets so the customer could manufacture the shields. We are grateful to them for trusting Cope with their business and for what they are doing to keep vital workers safe!


Acrylic Intubation Enclosure - Custom Fabrication

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