May 9, 2019 | News

Cope Plastics President Part of Building Blocks for Success Video

St. Louis, MO and Metro East, IL April 2019 – The Chamber of Commerce of Southwestern Madison County has partnered with Madison County Employment & Training / Illinois Local Innovation Workforce Board #22, a local chapter of the National Association of Workplace Boards, to put together an informative video pertaining to “soft skills.” These skills are essential in interviewing, for new hires, and for maintaining long-term employment success. Entitled Building Blocks for Success: Your Choices, Your Career, Your Future, area leaders have united to present this comprehensive tool to assist future workers.

Contributors and topics include:

  • Dan Buck, Managing Partner at Big Sports Properties, examines social media presence and making positive choices;
  • Ed Cunningham, President & CEO of Gateway Regional Medical Center, touches on audience awareness, asking open-ended questions, and diversify teams;
  • Steve Faust, Business Development/Diversity Coordinator of icon Mechanical, talks about adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration;
  • Kathy Federico, Executive Manager at Jack Schmitt Chevrolet, encourages out-the-box thinking;
  • Curtis Francois, President & CEO of Gateway Motorsports Park, on organization of ideas, plans, and people;
  • James Glik, VP of Glik Stores, on social skills, being prepared and making a lasting first impression;
  • Jerry Knoyle, Wood River Refinery Manager, discusses the need for verbal and non-verbal communication and listening skills;
  • Richard Mark, President of Ameren Illinois, talks teamwork to meet goals;
  • Michael Patton, GM of US Steel Corporation, points on punctuality equating to respect, professionalism, and dependability;
  • Randall Pembrook, Chancellor of SIUE, urges continued education in every career;
  • Dennis Wilmsmeyer, Executive Director of America’s Central Port District, values candidates who look for solutions before they become a problem.

Also contributing is President and CEO of Cope Plastics, Jane Saale, who encourages honesty and personal integrity. “I was honored to be a part of this influential group and the Building Blocks for Success video. The National Association for Workplace Boards will be disseminating the video across the nation to local workforce development agencies in the hopes of reaching young adults entering the workforce. It’s important for these young adults to understand what companies are looking for in a candidate to join their team.”

This 20-minute training promotes stretching abilities, continuing to learn, and being open to new opportunities. Watch the video below.

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