Heavy-Duty Foam Board

Heavy-Duty Foam Board is a memory retaining polystyrene foam with heavy duty paper facers. This dense foam board has increased rigidity and warp resistance for demanding projects.

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Fome-Cor® JetMount® is comprised of denser extruded polystyrene foam with clay-coated paper facers. The denser core provides increased rigidity and warp resistance. This material is great for more demanding mounting jobs for display, signage and framing. Learn More
Ryno Board® is an extruded high density (HD), high-compressive, polystyrene foam board with double-thick clay coated bright white liners that add to its rigidity and structural performance. It features improved resistance to crushing, warping and denting and is therefore highly recommended for signage and graphic applications that require a stronger, more durable substrate that remains stable after mounting and laminating. Learn More
MightyCore® has an ultra-smooth surface that provides excellent ink coverage and adherence for flatbed printers. The rigid, harder center is an upgrade from regular foam boards and makes it especially suitable for large fabricated pieces. Its dense polystyrene core helps resist warping, bowing or twisting. It cuts easily and cleanly; use a knife by hand for straight simple cuts, and... Learn More
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