Nylon 6 Heat Stabilized

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SUSTAMID® 6G Blue is a heat stabilized Nylon 6 that exhibits all the strength, wear and abrasion resistance of the unfilled version. It has better long term stability at elevated temperatures, but not approved for food grade applications. Learn More
NYCAST® 6PA-XHA Blue is a heat stabilized Nylon 6. This allows the material to function at approximately 10% higher temperatures than standard grades; meaning NYCAST® XHA operating at 200°F (93°C) will have approximately the same physical properties as a standard material at 185°F (85°C). Learn More
Nylatron® MC901 is a heat stabilized nylon offering long-term thermal stability to 260°F. It is blue in color and used in a variety of bearing and structural applications such as wheels, gears, and custom parts. Learn More
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