High Density Polyethylene

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Proteus®  HDPE has great chemcial resistance, impact strength, and is easily welded. It is also available with a textured surface commonly used as cutting board, tradenamed Sanalite®. Learn More
Polystone® G is a high-density polyethylene suitable for numerous industrial applications. Very good welding and processing properties as well as good chemical resistance. This product has high adhesion in a composite system and therefore highly suitable for tank building. An excellent selection for corrosion prone environments. Learn More
Crafted from premium materials, Sanalite® HDPE cutting boards provides a surface that's gentle on cutting blades, ensuring longevity and precision in your culinary endeavors. Sanalite® Cutting Boards: Certified by NSF, FDA, and USDA, plus Ag Canada approved for safety and quality. Its pebbled surface resists acids ensuring easy cleaning. Its lightweight, durable design makes it ideal for any culinary setting.... Learn More
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