Nylon 12

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TECAMID® 12 natural is a semi crystalline polyamide 12 with very high toughness and good chemical resistance, with reduced sensitivity to stress cracking. The TECAMID® Nylon 12 properties include the lowest water absorption characteristics of all polyamides. Nylon 12 also has good impact resistance, good slide friction properties, and good wear resistance. Learn More
SUSTAMID® 12 absorbs very little moisture and has excellent chemical resistance. It proves to be exceptionally strong when temperatures dip below freezing and is further characterized as a high strength, high stiffness and stress resistant material. Learn More
NYCAST® 12 has low moisture absorption and the mechanical properties remain virtually unaffected in a wide range of environments. NYCAST® 12 offers superior performance design in applications, where dimensional stability, chemical resistance, dielectrics, abrasion resistance and impact strength are important factors. In wet or dry environments the low deformation and superior fatigue resistance properties of NYCAST® 12 deliver unmatched performance in... Learn More
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