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Cope Plastics, Inc. Now Selling Water Jet Bricks Online

Cope Plastics, Inc., the premier distributor and fabricator of plastic sheet, rod and tube in the Midwest, headquartered in Alton, Illinois is pleased to announce the sale of Water Jet Bricks on their ecommerce site: .

This represents Cope Plastics’ first ever offering of a finished part for sale on-line. The company launched in the summer of 2015 to sell remnants of stock shapes created from their manufacturing processes. Cope is excited to have this medium to begin selling water jet bricks to companies that provide water jet cutting services.

A water jet machine cuts materials from cork to metal, with a high pressure stream of water. The substrate to be cut can be secured to the water jet brick, which separates that material from the pool of spent water and abrasives below, ultimately reducing noise, splash-back and soiling that can occur without a brick. An additional benefit would be reducing the wear and tear to the metal slats now buffered from the cut material by the water jet bricks.

Cope began manufacturing these bricks for a few of their customers and soon realized the wide spread need for such a product. These can now be purchased on Cope’s ecommerce website at a competitive price with no minimum order quantity.

About Cope Plastics, Inc.

Cope Plastics, headquartered in Alton, IL, is a leader in plastics fabrication and distribution serving a wide range of customers.  Since its inception in 1946, Cope Plastics has grown to be the supplier of choice to over 8,000 companies involved in heavy equipment, agriculture, food service, oil & gas, aerospace, medical, transportation, and retail industries, among others.  Cope Plastics prides itself on its award winning recycling programs and is one of the largest women-owned businesses in the St. Louis area. 

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