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Fabrication Solutions

At Cope Plastics, we provide fabrication solutions for manufacturing and production problems in many different industries. Our solutions not only meet customer requirements but surpass expectations. By producing products that integrate seamlessly with existing systems or designing new state-of-the art processes we can ultimately improve a company's productivity and lower costs.

We provide solutions for:

Wear When sprockets wear chain.
Wear When wear is accelerated by weight.
Downtime When seals fail & cause downtime.
Wear When metal bearings wear & seize.
Corrosion When corrosion shortens life expectancy.
Maintenance When maintenance is high & productivity is lost.
Maintenance When maintenance is a nuisance on metal drive gears, idler gears & wheels.
Abrasion When metal contact arms abrade production parts.
Weight & Cost When steel components are too heavy & too costly.
Noise When metal on metal generates a high level of noise.
Lubrication When too much time is required for lubrication.
Harsh Environments When you need a chain guide material for harsh environments.

Our solutions provide:

Faster Assembly When re-design can lead to faster assembly.
Better Job When plastics can do a better job than metals.
Lower Cost When part costs can be lowered by re-design.
Capacity Improvement When lift capacity can be improved by reducing weight.
Quicker Delivery When deliveries are extended for imported replacement parts.


We have provided fabrication solutions to companies within these industries:

- Bakery Goods - Paper Products
- Food Preparation Ingredients - Copper Products
- Wood Millwork - Overhead Traveling Cranes
- Hardwood Veneer - Forklifts
- Plywood - Cutting Tools
- Plastic Plumbing Fixtures - Food Products Machinery
- Gypsum Products - Service Industry Machinery
- Metal Doors - Motor Vehicles
- Wire Products - Motor Vehicles Accessories
- Farm Machinery - Aircraft Parts
- Lawn and Garden Tractors - Optical Instruments
- Construction Machinery - Sporting and Athletic Goods
- Signage / Acrylic Displays