Machine Grade Polycarbonate 20% Glass Fiber

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TECANAT® GF20 natural is a 20% glass-reinforced polycarbonate with higher temperature and tensile properties than the unfilled TECANAT®. Typical property characteristics for a glass filled PC GF such as TECANAT® GF20 include superior impact strength, outstanding mechanical strength and stiffness, excellent diemnsional stability, and good machinability. Learn More
SUSTANAT® PC GF 20 is a glass reinforced machine grade polycarbonate. Its excellent strength and dimensional stability makes it a great choice for more demanding structural components. Learn More
Allow us to introduce you to Altron™ 1000 PC Glass, a highly advanced Glass Reinforced Machine Grade Polycarbonate. Building upon the exceptional attributes of the unfilled version, Altron™ 1000 PC Glass elevates your expectations. It not only maintains the inherent qualities but also introduces a host of advantages that set it apart. This glass-reinforced polycarbonate boasts superior strength, ensuring it... Learn More
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