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Plexiglas Breakage / Impact Resistance

Plexiglas® sheet has greater impact resistance than all types of glass, including tempered glass. Data was obtained from test samples one foot square with edges loosely clamped.

The hardness of an object striking Plexiglas® sheet affects its impact resistance. The air-cannon impact test gives a practical measure of the impact strength that Plexiglas® sheet can be expected to display in service. This procedure measures the velocity and energy required for a projectile of specified weight and tip radius, shot from an air cannon, to break a specimen.

Breakage resistance is maximum when the edges of saw-cut sheet or of drilled holes in the sheet are free of notches. Saw blades and drill bits that meet Atoglas specifications will provide notch-free edges, but it may be desirable to finish edges by sanding or scraping, particularly where the sheet is subjected to high impact.