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Craze-Resistant Impact Acrylic Sheet

Plexiglas® SG PLUS is a craze-resistant impact acrylic sheet that not only exhibits outstanding thermoforming definition, but is also well suited for both channel letter and pan face signs.

Designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the quantity and custom sign markets, Plexiglas® SG PLUS acrylic sheet has the properties you desire: impact resistance, craze resistance, and enhanced machinability.

It's an excellent substrate for channel letters. At eight times the impact strength of standard acrylic, it will resist in-shop, in-transit, installation, and in-service breakage. If your sign is a pan face, Plexiglas® SG PLUS craze-resistant impact acrylic sheet offers outstanding thermoforming definition along with enhanced craze resistance to protect from paint solvents.

Plexiglas® SG PLUS also provides excellent craze-resistance properties even after exposure to the harsh solvents, paints, paint thinners, and cleaners typically used in the sign industry. 

Product Highlights

  • Enhanced machinability
  • Easily fabricated & decorated
  • Outstanding thermoforming definition
  • Excellent weatherability and optical clarity
  • Resistant to chemicals