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Plexiglas Sheet Maintenance


To clean Plexiglas® sheet, wash with plenty of nonabrasive soap or detergent and water. Use the bare hand to feel and dislodge any caked dirt or mud. A soft, grit-free cloth, sponge or chamois may be used, but only as a means of carrying water to the sheet. Do not use hard, rough cloths that will
scratch the Plexiglas® sheet. Dry with a clean damp chamois.

For interior installations, where water cannot be used freely, the Plexiglas® sheet should first be lightly dusted (not wiped) with a soft, clean cloth. Then the surface can be wiped carefully with a soft, wet cloth or chamois. The cloth or chamois should be kept free of grit by frequent rinsing in clean water.

Grease and oil may be removed with kerosene or aliphatic naphtha (no aromatic content).

Do not use solvents such as acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, fire extinguisher fluid, dry-cleaning fluid, and lacquer thinners, since they attack the Plexiglas® sheet surface. Do not use window sprays or kitchen scouring compounds.