Non-Pillowing Foam Board

Non-Pillowing Foam Board is a memory retaining polystyrene foam with clay-coated paper facers. The memory core is more resistant to denting. When die-cut, the edges of this material remain closed giving it a finished look.

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Foam-X® Recovery is comprised of "memory retaining" polystyrene foam with clay-coated paper facers. The memory core of this material resists denting. Foam-X® Recovery is the economical alternative to competitive foam boards. Learn More
InSite® Reveal® is a clay-coated paper-faced foam board. It is engineered with a proprietary Reveal® Foam Center. Its moisture-resistant clay coating results in outstanding ink & color gloss, and acts as a barrier in mounting applications for mnimized adhesive absorption and maximized roll laminator speeds. InSite® Reveal® is smooth and lightweight, as well as UV stabilized. This material maintains optimum... Learn More
InSite® Self Adhesive is an extruded polystyrene foam board featuring the proprietary Reveal® memory foam center faced on one side with smooth, clay-coated paper and either Low-Tack (green liner) or High-Tack (black liner) cold pressure-sensitive adhesive surface on the other, covered by a protective release liner. InSite® Self Adhesive Low-Tack has a repositionable adhesive allowing for multiple placements prior to... Learn More
InSite® Acid Free foam board was created for the high end requirements of preservation mounting and framing. Its extruded polystyrene foam board has acid free paper facers and offers two mounting surfaces, both free from damaging pollutants and harmful gasses. Our Reveal® foam center is engineered to be highly warp resistant and to retain its thickness during mounting. This product... Learn More
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