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DURADEK® is a standard product stocked by distributors nationwide. DURADEK® is available with individual bearing bars in either 1" or 1-1/2" "I" shapes or a 2" "T" shape. DURADEK® is a flame retardant product utilizing a polyester or vinyl ester resin. DURADEK® bearing bars are assembled into 12 panel sizes: 3-, 4-, and 5- foot widths in each of 8-, 10-, 12- and 20-foot lengths. Standard DURADEK® panels come with cross-rod spacings of 6" or optional 12" on center.

DURADEK® and DURAGRID® grating systems are designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • General Industry
  • Marine/Offshore
  • Mining/Processing
  • Plating Operations
  • Consumer/Recreation
  • Cellular Communications
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment
  • Transportation
  • Chemical Plants
  • Electrical
  • Power Plants
  • Agricultural
  • Pulp and Paper Plants
  • Railroad - AAR Approval
  • Fire Equipment

Comparative Properties

STRENGTH DURADEK® I-6000, 1-1/2"
48" Span, Ultimate Load = 2032 PSF
DURADEK® has a higher ultimate load carrying capacity.
  3/16" x 1-1/2" Bar, 1-3/16" o.c.
48" Span, Ultimate Load = 1,160 PSF
WEIGHT DURADEK® I-6000, 1-1/2" 3.3 PSF   3/16" x 1-1/2" Bar, 1-3/16" o.c. 11.0 PSF
IMPACT RESISTANCE Glass mat in DURADEK® grating Distributes impact load to prevent surface damage even under sub-zero temperatures. Will not permanently deform. Stays flat for the life of the product.   Will permanently deform under impact. Takes a permanent set (dishing) in trench applications due to overloading.
CORROSION RESISTANCE DURADEK®, with its polyester resin, is corrosion resistant to a broad range of acids, caustics and salts. Requires no painting or galvanizing.   Will rust even from water. Can cause galvanic corrosion. Requires painting or galvanizing for many applications.
SAFETY DURADEK® has a round silica grit bonded to the surface of bearing bars for non-skid safety. Low electrical conductivity.   Non-serrated bars are not skid resistant or only skid resistant in one direction. Grounding potential around electrical equipment.
VERSATILITY DURADEK® can be purchased in a safety yellow or gray with the resin pigmented throughout the bar. No painting required.   Grating must be painted for color. To maintain color and corrosion resistance, repainting may be required.
EASY FIELD FABRICATION DURADEK® can be field fabricated with simple carpenter tools, is easy to cut and is much easier to move and place because it is lightweight.   Requires special blades, torch, harder to cut. Requires lifting equipment to move and place.
BANDING DURADEK® is an I-bar that does not leave a sharp edge when cut. The bars will not bend or deform in the lateral direction; therefore, DURADEK® does not need to be banded.   Cutting a rectangular steel bar leaves sharp edges. The flat bars will bend and deform in the lateral direction; therefore, steel should be banded.