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Heavy-Duty Formable Plastic Faced Foamboard

Premium heavy-duty all-plastic foam boards feature high-impact, super white or black polystyrene facers on high-density foam and high density centers. Moisture proof and highly warp resistant.
High density with exceptional com- pressive strength, imparts additional warp-resistance and dimensional stability for exhibits, displays, signs and mounting. Thicker sizes may be used as structural elements in exhibits and displays.
Smooth, super white or black polystyrene high-impact facers are washable and screen printable. They are pH neutral and compatible with cold laminating films and liquid laminating formulas. Duraplast is also available with extra-thick .030 surface liners in white or black (see charts).
DURAPLAST® is our most durable foam board, and offers exceptional dimensional stability, especially in thicker sizes. The white version features a beautiful, bright white washable surface. It enhances color values when screen printed and offers a super smooth, flat surface for mounting. Duraplast is also easy to cut to a clean edge using standard methods such as routing, die-cutting, sawing, razor cutting and guillotine cutting.
Formable Into 3-D Shapes: Duraplast can be cold bent into dimensionally stable shapes as components for exhibits and displays.